March 5, 2024

When to Schedule Spring Family Photos in Massachusetts

What’s the Best Time of Year to do Family Photos?

Let’s start by saying there’s no ‘wrong’ time of year to capture memories of your family. But as far as Massachusetts weather goes, your best bet with young kids and outdoor photos is to aim for a time of year when the weather is pleasant to be in without a jacket. As we approach springtime here in Massachusetts, let’s talk about when to schedule spring family photos. Spring is such a lovely time of year as we all emerge from our winter hibernation and plants are returning to life!

golden hour spring family photo
springtime family photos at home

Massachusetts Family Photos in Early Spring

The earliest I typically do outdoor photos is late April, as this is when things are finally starting to grow. Late April through mid-May is a great time to capture intimate family portraits if you prefer a little less heat and humidity in the air (you won’t be too hot in a sweater), earlier sunsets, and want to capture some early blooms like apple trees. 

spring family portrait along a fence in lexington massachusetts
photo of dad holding newborn baby at old manse concord ma

When to See Apple Blossoms in Massachusetts

One of the most beautiful spring events in Central Massachusetts is when the apple orchards are in full bloom. Want to have your family photo session done in the apple blossoms? The exact timing varies from year to year but generally falls sometime in very late April or early May. When you book your photo session with me, we’ll get you on the calendar for the earlier end of this estimate, but keep in mind that we may have to be flexible and push it back a week or two if the trees aren’t in full bloom yet. 

family photo in an apple orchard
sholan farm apple blossoms
mother cradling sleeping baby in leominster apple orchard

Massachusetts Family Photos in Late Spring

From late May to late June, Spring is really ramping up with plant life. This is when everything is truly getting lush and green and warm. This is a perfect time for family photos if you love a less layered wardrobe, dreamy sunset light, and warm evenings. This time right before summer is a real sweet spot for younger babies & toddlers especially, who do not typically like to be chilly. One of my favorite parts of this time of year is that all the dandelions are turning into ‘wish flowers’!

springtime motherhood portrait with mom and kids dancing and blowing dandelions
family portrait at golden hour
candid photo of a baby's feet touching the water

Okay, Now What?

Once you have an idea of timeframe for when you’d like to do your Central Massachusetts spring family photos, send me a message here and we’ll get something on the calendar! Looking forward to creating some magic with you!

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