January 4, 2024

Low-Stress Tips for Getting Your House Ready for an In-Home Family Photo Session

How to Prep your Home for Family Photos

In-home lifestyle family photo sessions offer a unique and intimate way to capture the essence of your family’s everyday life. Getting your house ready for family photos requires a bit of preparation, but the results are well worth the effort. In this guide, we’ll explore how to prep your home for a memorable family photoshoot.

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De-Clutter and Organize

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!!! This is the absolute most important tip. Clearing away unnecessary items not only enhances the aesthetics of your photos, but also creates a more visually appealing backdrop. Pay attention to details like organized shelves, toy bins, and kitchen counters. 

Having some toys out is fine, just minimize the clutter and hide away the most jarring colors. We want our eyes to go to the people in the photos first, not to the stuff.

Also, de-clutter doesn’t have to mean you spend an eternity finding new homes for things. You can literally just shove excess stuff into the closet or the basement if you want to save on session prep time. 

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Plan Meaningful Activities

Ask yourself what are the things you do with your family on a daily basis? The little moments like snack time, reading stories, bath time, etc. Anticipate documenting these by prepping in advance— have a watermelon out and ready to be sliced, a card game waiting on the coffee table, some stuffies out waiting for a tea party, or a simple bath towel by the sink. 

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Lights Out

Open the curtains and turn off those lights! 99% of the time, we’ll be using window light only. Even if you think the room will be too dim with them off. Even if you usually have the lights on. Lights typically cause a yellow-y color cast that clashes with the window light, and are also typically not at a flattering angle for photos (i.e. ceiling lights lighting directly above your head). If a room is dim, I love to embrace that and work closer to the windows where there’s a bit more light. Trust the process! 

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Anticipate Movement

You’ll notice in these photos that we are not stagnant at any point. We’ll be all around the house and never in one spot too long because no kid likes to just stay in one place! Movement is wonderful for creating a strong series of photos. Plan to be all-in with your kids, climb down onto the floor with them, grab a book to read, have fun! 

Keep in mind we may end up shooting in spaces that you didn’t necessarily anticipate using. Photographers are always looking for great light and unique compositions, so that doesn’t always mean the obvious spots the client may think of. Of course we’ll use the main living spaces, but make sure to give the rest of the house a good tidy as well, because we will be moving all around. Think— snacks in the kitchen, walking in the hallway, playing/ snuggling in the bedrooms, doing a puzzle at the dining table.  

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A Summary of Tips on How to Prep your House for Family Photos

Family photos at home are so incredibly special and intimate— such a wonderful way to document your family in an authentic way. Follow these tips and you’ll be ready for memories!

  • De-clutter, and then de-clutter some more
  • Anticipate simple activities to incorporate into your session
  • Turn off lights and open the shades
  • Remember that anywhere in the house is fair game, so get each space ready just in case

If you are wanting to do some updating in your home prior to photos, feel free to head on over to my Pinterest page here for some design inspiration. And for more information about booking a family session with me, you can reach out here

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