December 12, 2023

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Our daily lives are often inundated with carefully curated images on social media, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see family photos with a raw and authentic feel. Lifestyle photography focuses on capturing genuine moments and telling real stories. This genre speaks to me particularly because it has a way of evoking much more of an emotional response from the viewer than a traditional posed portrait.

lifestyle newborn photographer


Lifestyle photography places the emphasis on the story rather than a single image. Visual storytelling captures details in the little moments, intimate emotion, and genuine feeling. Whether you’re at home or on an outdoor adventure, this style of photography is a perfect way to capture authentic moments of a life that is beautifully imperfect. 

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Candid Moments

There is such beauty in the mundane. The candid images from a lifestyle photography session highlight the significance of the everyday. Of the way your toddler touches baby’s hand, the way your kids fit just right in your lap at this stage of parenthood, the way big sister cries for you when the feelings get big, the way you watch your partner with eyes so grateful to be stuck in this chaotic journey with them.

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lifestyle photography

Why Lifestyle Photography?

Pictures in general are an incredible connection to history. But what better way to pass down our legacy through generations than to show not just what we look like, but who we are? What better way than to show our connection, our love, even our exhaustion? Through candid moments, genuine emotions, and storytelling, this genre has emerged as a profound way to preserve these pieces of ourselves. The final images become an authentic view into your life in the here and now, gripping your heart in a way that a traditional “cheese” portrait never could.

candid newborn photographer
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