September 20, 2013

Harrison Lee

Every time I have a newborn session, I can never get over how cute, cuddly, and tiny they are. Such fun little models to work with. Little Harrison was no different. He wasn’t too interested in sleeping at first, but then once he fell asleep, he didn’t wake up until we were pretty much done! He has the nicest parents, and the sweetest, most helpful big sister. Seriously, she’s eight and was the perfect assistant all day.

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What a fine artist you are. Mom (Emma) is a blood relative I haven’t seen since she was a baby herself. These fotos are truly exquisite, and make me feel I’m a wee part of this event.

These are just incredible! Love the big sister….love every one of the pics! They just keep getting better and better…

Oh wow Aimee these have to be some of your best yet! The big sister pics are my favorite and are amazing!! Beautiful!!