December 11, 2023

Fresh 48 Photos

So what are Fresh 48 photos? A Fresh 48 is a newborn photo session that takes place in the hospital before your baby comes home. For those who aim to capture the raw tiny moments, who love the documentary feel– this type of session is absolutely for you.

beth israel fresh 48
beth israel fresh 48 photographer

Capturing Memories Regardless of the Type of Birth you Have

Whether you have a vaginal or c-section birth, your time at the hospital or birthing center is certainly one of the most intensely powerful experiences of your life. Ironically, it’s also the one we tend to remember very poorly, since it’s such a whirlwind of emotion. Female bodies are truly incredible bringing humans into the world!

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fresh 48 worcester
fresh 48 worcester photographer
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Why Should you get Fresh 48 Photos?

There are few other times in your life that you will feel quite the same strength of raw emotion and it’s for this reason that I feel Fresh 48 photos are so important to have. The memories of this time fade unbelievably quickly, despite it being such a monumental occasion. This is your chance to freeze this moment in time, to capture the absolute wonder in your eyes, the unfiltered emotion, the tender touches. The incredible “wow, this is our human!” feeling. And even to memorialize the imperfect state of life in that moment— messy hair, mesh diaper underwear, tired body that just did the most amazing task of birthing a baby. 

fresh 48 boston
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My Style of Photography

My approach to Fresh 48 sessions is to capture everything in a perfectly imperfect way. Your photos should show a powerful story of your journey into parenthood. With minimal posing and lots of interaction encouraged, I look for the details that will tell your story best. Unlike other newborn sessions, I keep it unstyled, with baby in the hospital hats and blankets to retain the sense of timelessness. I love to photograph the seemingly unexciting moments too— things like diaper changes and figuring out swaddling. I don’t do retouching on these sessions, to keep them true to life— the dried milk on baby’s mouth, the mark on their head from a vacuum delivery, the little hangnail on their tiny finger— these things are all part of the story and will help keep your memories of this day fresh in your soul. 

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boston fresh 48 photographer

How to Prep for your Fresh 48 Session

The short answer— no need to prep! I will capture you as you are. No need to stress or worry about timing for feedings etc. Just go with the flow and I will document it. You can stay in your hospital gown, or wear a cozy robe/ pajamas. Just do what you’re doing. Raw, real, emotive. The one thing I do is declutter the room (moving bags, food trash, phones etc off surfaces). But you don’t have to even worry about that beforehand, I can take care of it when I arrive. This session shouldn’t add any extra stress to your hospital stay. 

candid fresh 48 photos
hospital baby photos
boston fresh 48 photographer
worcester fresh 48 photographer
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fresh 48 photos

So you want to book one? 

Think my storytelling style of photography is a great fit to capture these important moments for you? The first step is to contact me with your due date and what hospital you’ll be delivering at. I offer free travel to Boston and Worcester Hospitals (this particular session was at Beth Israel Deaconess), as well as many other hospitals in the Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire areas. I can’t wait to memorialize this time for you!

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