March 1, 2022

Creating Variety While Maintaining a Minimalist Newborn Photography Aesthetic

You don’t need a session full of props and themes and bright colors to have a gallery full of variety. Simplicity in newborn photography keeps the focus on the baby and maintains a timeless style. Baby will be happiest and calmest with less disruptions and it’s very simple to create a diverse collection of photos in this minimalistic style.

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First off, the baby is in almost the exact same position for all these images. With minor adjustments, you can create a great variety of images with minimal disturbances to the baby.

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Secondly, from this one pose, I can capture close-ups, full body images, macros, and incorporate parents’ hands.

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By changing up my angle and moving my light, I can create different looks without having to move baby. If baby shifts a little, capturing those in-between moments can create a feeling of motion and make for a unique candid photo.

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The result of some simple adjustments and moving around a bit, is a timeless gallery full of minimalistic and cohesive images!

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Babies are perfect all by themselves! Keeping their photos simple allows them to truly shine. All those little details are best captured without a bunch of distractions.

If this minimalist newborn photography style speaks to you, let’s chat about booking a newborn session at my home studio in Lunenburg, MA! Please reach out at my contact page here.