March 22, 2022

A Family Photo Session – Client Perspective

I recently did a blog post featuring a client’s point of view of their newborn photography session at my studio in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Today I’m doing something similar, but we’ll be focusing on a client’s perspective of her outdoor family photography session at Gibbet Hill in Groton. Just like with newborn photography, it’s so important to select a photographer you connect with for your family photos! Style, mood, experience level– these are all important aspects to look at when you decide who to work with.

My outdoor family photo sessions are always done at golden hour– the time right before the sun sets– to capture that beautifully soft and flattering light that happens at the end of the day. This is a really specific look that many families find they connect with, and it brings a bit of magic to your session as you watch the sun go down.

Doing sessions this way requires a bit of planning, since we are at the whim of the weather. Despite small stresses like this, I aim to make your family portrait session a truly positive experience and great memory for the whole family. This includes helpful services like my Client Closet and online ordering gallery. A recent client of mine, Suzanne, was kind enough to answer these questions about her session experience, in order to help you get a really clear vision of what it’s like to work with Aimee Liz Photography.

family photo session massachusetts

Booking & Planning

Having already had your newborn session with Aimee, how far in advance did you plan your family session?

I emailed her about 6-8 weeks out. I wanted something around when my daughter hit the 6-month mark, and she was able to schedule something right within that time frame.

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What is the booking process like?

It was so easy! We communicated via email. She responded very promptly to my first message (within 24 hours), and we were able to quickly settle on a date, time and location.

massachusetts family photography

What session guidance did you receive from Aimee? (i.e. session prep, wardrobe, client closet, etc)

Aimee really helped me a lot with planning out my family’s wardrobe. She set up a styling service for me to use and I had so much fun exploring different styles, colors, and clothing options for myself, my husband, and our baby. I sent her a color palette I was interested in and a few different outfits I liked. She responded very thoughtfully with tips on how different colors, patterns and clothing types would photograph and how to choose styles for each family member that would complement one another. Based on the styles I liked for my daughter, Aimee also sent me photos of several similar options from her client closet so I wouldn’t have to purchase a new outfit for my daughter just for the shoot. I loved the pieces she suggested, and she was able to incorporate several of the baby outfits into our family photoshoot!

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How prepared did you feel leading up to the session?

I felt as prepared as I could be! The only factor that was “up in the air” was the weather!

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Session Day

What was it like getting ready and out of the house to get to your family session?

I had a lot of fun getting ready for the photoshoot. Since Aimee was providing my daughter’s outfits from her client closet, I really didn’t have to do anything to get her ready and could just focus on my own hair, make-up and outfit. The only challenge was the weather forecast. It kept changing and predicted a chance of showers right around sunset. Fortunately Aimee was very supportive and we decided to roll the dice and go for it–and the weather ended up cooperating perfectly!

gibbet hill family session

How was your experience during the session itself? What was the process once you arrived?

It was so much fun. The weather was GORGEOUS with beautiful evening light–Aimee timed everything perfectly with “golden hour.” We met at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA, which is the most beautiful setting for photographs. Aimee got her equipment set up while my husband and I got our daughter dressed in her adorable outfit. From there, it was a seamless process of Aimee finding the best scenery and backdrops for photos and helping us relax as a family so she could capture the most natural and beautiful photos.

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What sort of direction did Aimee give for posing?

Aimee did an excellent job directing us in ways that allowed us to pose naturally but in a way that read well on camera. She used the lighting and beautiful surroundings perfectly, and found a lot of areas and angles to photograph us as a family and our daughter individually so we ended up with a great variety of stunning shots. She is definitely the “baby whisperer” and knew exactly how to make our baby smile and engage with/pose for the camera!

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What feelings did you have as the session wrapped up?

I felt relaxed, happy, and deeply connected with my family. It felt really good to take some time to focus on each other and spend time in such a beautiful place, celebrating our family and our baby’s growth.

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How long did the session last?

About an hour and a half

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Ordering Process & Final Products

How long did you wait between the session and receiving your proofing gallery?

The turn-around was very quick–about a week!

gibbet hill family photography

How was the gallery to use? Are there any features you particularly liked, or ones you wished were available?

The gallery was very easy to navigate. I enjoyed being able to view the photos in color and black and white and individually select photos that I wanted to order to print.

gibbet hill family portrait session

Were the pricing options explained clearly? Do you feel like the quality of photos matched the cost?

Yes, pricing options were clearly outlined on Aimee’s website. She was also very responsive to email and explained pricing options very clearly. The photos were very high quality, and Aimee is such a professional–it’s truly an exceptional photography experience from start to finish.

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After choosing your package, explain the process of getting your download

Aimee very quickly sent an email with a link through which I could download my digital files. I downloaded them immediately and was also able to order prints from her very easily!

massachusetts lifestyle family photographer

Did you like the online ordering process, or would you have preferred an in-person appointment to choose everything with Aimee’s help?

I preferred the online ordering process. As a busy family, it was great to be able to view the photos at our leisure and take our time selecting the photos we wanted printed.

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General Questions

What tips would you give to someone who is beginning the process of planning their own photography session?

I would try to reach out with plenty of time in advance. Also, Aimee was so helpful with my questions via email, so I would recommend asking her for advice and pointers. I had no idea how to plan outfits for my family, and she had excellent advice on patterns, fabrics, and colors to focus on (in addition to her styling service and client closet).

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Did you feel like your vision for the photos was fulfilled? Was your voice heard?

Absolutely! She captured the most beautiful and heartfelt moments of my family. I will always treasure these special photos.

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Is there anything about your portrait process that could have been better? Anything you would have changed?

I was very satisfied with the whole process and wouldn’t have changed a thing! If I could have taken away stressing about the weather forecast, I would have! But Aimee did a great job keeping me calm and not stressing about the weather. She also was very flexible about potentially rescheduling for a better weather day if we needed to.

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Can you give some general thoughts about your whole experience working with Aimee?

I love working with Aimee and can’t wait to do another photoshoot with her! She is so professional, creative, and has such an artistic eye and skill for capturing the most beautiful moments. I especially love the lighting in her photos and she does a wonderful job editing her photos to bring out the best in each and every shot. Aimee also has a very calming presence, which helps a lot if you feel nervous about being photographed. She is great at helping you relax and feel at ease. She is so good at taking beautiful photos that look candid, natural and not posed–she is such an amazingly skilled photographer, I cannot recommend her services enough!

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If a portrait experience like this sounds perfect to you and you’re near the Worcester or Boston areas (or really anywhere in New England– I’m happy to travel!), please reach out right away so we can make some magic together! Click here for my contact page!