February 8, 2022

A Newborn Photography Session – Client Perspective

When searching for a newborn or family photographer in Massachusetts, there are nearly endless options. In the Boston and Worcester areas alone, there are hundreds and hundreds of photographers, all with their own styles and levels of experience. So how do you know who to work with? Do your research, know the style you want, don’t skimp on budget, and make sure you click with the photographer!

I have a lot of information on my site about what it’s like to work with me, what my style is like, and what my clients can expect when it comes to newborn photography. But what better way to get a feel for a photographer than from an actual client? A recent client of mine was gracious enough to answer a bunch of questions about her experience having a newborn session with Aimee Liz Photography. This is a great way for you to get more of a true feel of what it’s like to work with me through an actual client’s eyes, from initial inquiry all the way through ordering and final product delivery.

Leaving your house with a newborn when they are so fresh, and placing them in the hands of a stranger, can be stressful to think about. That’s why it’s so important to hire someone you trust! Make sure to read through to the end to see Brittany’s overall feelings about their session and some general tips she had about finding the perfect newborn photographer for you!

newborn photography studio

When looking for a photographer, what were you searching for? What was important to you?

There were many factors we considered when finding a newborn photographer. We need someone with a studio in good location. Plus the style of the photographer was important. We wanted simple but timeless photos of our little one. We wanted to be able to have access to all of the edited images indefinitely at an affordable price. Additional package perks were also something we looked at. A photographer that offered a variety of packages meant that we could select exactly what we wanted from the photo session.

massachusetts newborn photographer

How many photographers did you inquire with before making a decision?

I reached out to about 18 photographers before finding Aimee.

newborn photography studio

How far along in your pregnancy were you when booking your session?

7 Months

timeless newborn photographer

What factors made you decide to go with Aimee Liz Photography?

Aimee had great package and purchase options available. Her at home studio was about an hour drive from us and felt achievable with a newborn. We loved the photos on her website which allowed us to see her style and posing for newborns. She provided all the wraps and props for the session so we didn’t need to bring anything.

massachusetts lifestyle newborn photographer

What was the newborn photography booking process like?

I reached out to Aimee through her website and heard back from her the next day. She included pertinent information like pricing guides, scheduling timelines, and sessions types. I was able to review the information and she held a spot for us around the baby’s due date. She sent a link for us to book and pay the session fee along with a prep guide for our session. After the baby came we had a tight window to schedule the session due to upcoming travel. Aimee worked with us and got us in without a hiccup.

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What session guidance did you receive from Aimee? (i.e. session prep, wardrobe, etc)

Aimee sent us a link to her prep guide for our session. It included what to expect during the session, important tips, what to bring and wear (including links to website), and a description of the flow of the session.

massachusetts baby photographer

How prepared did you feel leading up to the session?

I had mixed emotions. I felt somewhat relaxed because I knew I’d be hands off through the process and trusted Aimee, but I was nervous about how our baby would respond due to reflux and colic.

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Session Day

What was it like getting ready and out of the house the morning of your newborn session?

Leaving for the session on time was a challenge, especially with a newborn. Plus I struggled with my appearance due to lack of sleep and independence from the baby. The baby did great though and we arrived only about 10 minutes late. Luckily Aimee was gracious towards us.

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How was your experience during the newborn session itself? What was the process once you arrived?

The studio had a comfy couch for us to sit on while she photographed the baby. It was a warm and cozy environment. I’m pretty sure I dozed off for a little while. Aimee even provided water and snacks for us to enjoy as we relaxed and watched her handle our little one with care.

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How did Aimee work with your baby?

Aimee was amazing with our newborn. She confidently and carefully clothed and posed her. We were amazed to see our baby remain calm and sleepy as Aimee took her pictures. 

worcester newborn photographer
best worcester newborn photographer

What feelings did you have as the session wrapped up?

We were very impressed as the session ended. We were extremely grateful and amazed that the session went so well.

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How long did the session last?

About 2.5 hours

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Ordering Process and Final Products

I requested some sneak peeks for a Christmas card which she sent the next day. Our gallery was available 8 days later.

best boston newborn photographer

The gallery was very easy to use. We were able to share it with family members so they could have access to all the photos. I loved the option to click the heart on the images we really loved. That allowed us to view “loved” images separately. Additionally the option to look at two photos side by side was great in helping us make our selections. 

massachusetts newborn photographer

Were the pricing options explained clearly? Do you feel like the quality of photos matched the cost?

The pricing was very clear. We were in awe of the images. Each one was special and there was a huge variety of poses and little features of our baby that were highlighted beautifully (nose, feet, hands, etc). The images were very high quality and I love that they weren’t over edited. 

central massachusetts newborn photography

After choosing your package, explain the process of getting your download, selecting your prints, frame, and album.

We selected a package that included the gallery of photos, which was super easy to download, prints, a frame, and an album. Aimee actually created a sample album for us that we really loved. We only made a few adjustments and then selected an album color. The prints were ordered through the gallery website and it was a very simple process. The framed print was also a quick and easy process. We let Aimee know what image we wanted, the frame and mat selections, and the size. All items were ordered easily and Aimee sent confirmations after each order along with tracking information. It was very simple.

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What was the quality like on the final print products?

We love the products we received! The images and sharp and clear, the frame is a beautiful high quality frame and looks perfect in the nursery, and the album is the sweetest collection of images in a beautifully bound book.

newborn album
newborn photo display

Did you like the online ordering process, or would you have preferred an in-person appointment to choose everything with Aimee’s help?

Ordering the products online was perfect for our family. Aimee was very accessible through email and quickly answered our questions. She was an excellent guide through the process.

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General Questions

What tips would you give to someone who is beginning the process of planning their own newborn photography session?

Make a list of the things you want from this experience and find the photographer that meets your criteria. It is worth the research and money in the end!

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Did you feel like your vision for the photos was fulfilled? Was your voice heard?

We chose Aimee because we loved her photography style. It was exactly what we were looking for. We loved so many of the poses we saw online and requested them with a neutral background. Aimee did a beautiful job hearing our requests and delivering amazing images.

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Is there anything about your portrait process that could have been better? Anything you would have changed?

I’m very happy with our experience and wouldn’t change anything.

boston newborn photographer

Can you give some general thoughts about your whole experience working with Aimee?

Aimee was a delight to work with. She was very friendly towards us and so sweet with our baby. I would make all the same choices if I could do it again. We are grateful that she captured such beautiful images our little one.

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