January 26, 2023

Best of 2022

It’s time for my annual round-up of my best family and newborn photography images of the year! Being a portrait photographer is endlessly rewarding, and it is such an honor to be invited to capture so many important milestone’s in your family’s life. Here are some Aimee Liz Photography highlights from 2022.

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Photographing New Families and Reconnecting with Past Clients

Some of you have been coming to me for photos for a decade now! I am so incredibly thankful for this unending support, and the feeling of seeing your children grow from tiny newborns to big kids is really special. Sometimes I feel like the crazy aunt who can’t stop saying, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!”

And to all the new families who have trusted me with your newborns and family photos– thank you! It’s so fun to start relationships with new clients– to see them have their first baby and know we will have many photo sessions to come. Capturing your memories is important to me, and I don’t take it for granted that you’ve chosen to invest with my small business in a tiny town in Central MA. You are all so appreciated and are what makes this job the best.

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Family Photo Sessions both Near and Far – Cape Cod and Beyond

Though I am based in Central Massachusetts, I love traveling all around to capture your babies and families! This past year took me all around Massachusetts, even to Cape Cod for a very special family photo session, as well as up North to New Hampshire and Maine. I’d love to do more coastal sessions in places like Portsmouth and Portland, and a rocky creek family session in Vermont would be divine. If you’re in those areas and think you’d like to have some very special photos with your loved ones, please reach out here!

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Fresh 48 Sessions in Boston, Worcester, and all the way up to New Hampshire

Hospital newborn sessions– these are the most special!! I’m hoping to do even more of these in 2023. 2022 brought me to hospitals all around Massachusetts and even one in New Hampshire. For the last couple sessions I did, I also added some cell phone video clips to make a sweet slideshow reel for the parents to cry happy tears at. I think I’ll continue doing this, as I wish I had it for my own kids!

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Favorite Family Photo Locations in Central MA

There are several locations in the Worcester area that I always love to return to for family photos (Groton in particular is home to several of my favorite spots). But I also visited a couple new spots this past year that will definitely be added to the list of favorites! One of these is a bit of a drive out to Amesbury, but The Ames Studio is such a great option for indoor photos for folks who don’t necessarily want to do in-home photos during the colder time of year where outdoor photos aren’t as ideal.

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In-Home Family & Newborn Photography Sessions

In 2022, a lot more of you elected to do in-home photography sessions, and I LOVE IT! What is more special than capturing candid moments as you love on your family in your own special place? This type of newborn session is quickly becoming my favorite as it brings a bit more uniqueness to each baby’s photos and adds to that documentary/ lifestyle feel that I am known for. Your home does not have to be a perfect magazine home to do this type of session either! Just toss your clutter in a secret closet and we’re good to go.

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Lessons I’ve Learned

Something I’ve really been trying to teach myself is that not every client is the perfect client for me, and it’s ok to refer them to someone who would be a better fit. And this goes both ways– not every photographer will be the best fit for your family, and that’s alright! Your best pictures are going to come when both photographer’s and client’s visions are totally aligned. My photo style is very candid, more focused on the in-between moments than the perfect pose. If someone is looking for more traditional pictures, it will just end with neither of us feeling great about the end result. I want you to be as happy as possible with your photos, so it’s important for me to work with clients who are striving for the same relaxed/ connected/ raw vibe. Luckily, I have connections with tons of other area photographers, so if we aren’t a great fit, I can definitely help you find someone who is!

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What’s to Come in 2023

I’ve got a few little projects up my sleeve– a bit of a facelift for my home newborn studio in Lunenburg, and hopefully a catalog of my Client Closet to make it even easier for you to select outfits for your babies and kids for your photo session! Every spring I also make a point to explore new spots and find a couple new family photo locations to try out. Hoping to find some gems this year! Beyond that, I’m truly just so excited to continue sharing special moments with all of you. Let’s make 2023 the best year yet.

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