January 5, 2013

Baby Gender Reveal!

The other day, I met up with Matt, Stacey, Cora, and their good friend Maranda for a breakfast trip to the Friendly Toast… to document them finding out the gender of their new baby!!! It was such a cool experience; at the doctor the day before, they had the nurse write down the gender and put it in an envelope so they could be surprised the next day. We spent the next morning holding the envelope up to the light seeing if we could read through it, and once we got to the restaurant, Maranda and I took a peek to see if we should order them a blueberry waffle (if it’s a boy) or a strawberry waffle (if it’s a girl). I love the idea of finding out your baby’s gender this way, and I LOVED doing this shoot, the whole experience was so happy and exciting, and as you’ll see in the pictures… they will be having another baby GIRL in June!!!


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Cora’s expression in this next one makes me laugh so much. She actually has been saying this whole time she will be having a baby sister, and was very excited that it’s a girl, but at the time when the waffle was brought out, she was just too distraught that Dad was sitting in the seat she wanted to sit in.

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