February 29, 2012

Zdeno, Meet Snow

We are still settling in with our rescue dog, Zdeno, but he is making some really great progress. We’ve been trying to take him on adventurous walks rather than just down the street whenever we have time. Over the weekend, we brought him down the trail to the pond near my parents’ house… like a true lab, he loved the water! We’ll certainly be back in the summer to go swimming since he also seems to be a big fan of car rides.

Zdeno also got to experience snow for the first time! Since he’s from Tennessee we’re pretty sure he’s probably never seen it before and with this mild winter, we didn’t know if he would here either. But we got a little storm today and decided to take him on an adventure when I got home from work. He loved it and couldn’t stop trying to eat it and lick it off his nose.

I am still convinced he’s the cutest dog ever. Ben and I may or may not be seriously crazy dog parents. To convince you otherwise, I’ll post a couple shots of our little winter wonderland.

I promise, the next photos I post will not be dog-related!