February 6, 2012

The Red Chair Project: Update One

The Red Chair Project has begun! I’ve been braving the cold winter weather along with my awesome models to get some really cool shots this past week. Check them out!

First up, Jill. We went to her dance studio in Woonsocket, RI one morning when there were no classes going on to get a shot of her dancing on the chair.

Next up, Lauren and Sasha! I met these ladies in downtown Boston, and we carried the chair through Beacon Hill to get some shots on the beautiful streets there.

Last but not least, Ben! There is a commuter rail line that runs behind our house, so the other morning we snuck through the woods and grabbed a few shots between train times. Thanks to Brent for being assistant for this one!


I can’t wait to do more of these! If you’re interested in being part of The Red Chair Project, let me know!