August 19, 2010

Senior Photos

I turned 21 on Tuesday, finally. I feel like everyone I know is at least five years older than me, and I act like an old cat lady most of the time anyway. It was an awesome day, though. It started out with me scurrying around all morning and afternoon trying to finish unpacking my amazing new apartment and hang up all my pictures, and ended with a great dinner party with some really good people. I will soon be transferring to a different photo studio, so it was nice to have everyone together at least one more time. There are pictures, but they are all on Ben’s camera, and Ben is a couple hours away. But I do have photos to post! Right after the unpacking up until immediately before the dinner party, I had the great opportunity to do senior photos for three lovely ladies: Laura, Hannah & Mackenzie. It was so much fun, I just had to share some of my favorites:




All Three.

I also saw my first praying mantis ever!


Next Monday, I will be heading to Cape Cod, so expect some pictures at the end of the week!