March 2, 2011

I’m Branching Out

I mentioned previously that I’ve also been working on some non-photography designing lately. It’s partially because I seem to have developed a slight case of insomnia and end up sitting at the computer all night on a regular basis. Never tired, no problem!

First up, monogrammed notepads! I’ve only made a couple of these so far, but they’re super fun. So far I’ve got A for aardvark (went to Anna) and T for turtle (went to Tam), but there’s a folder on my desktop full of animal pictures from a to z. At the top of the notepad is a row listing all the months of the year, directly above the numbers 1-31. Circle the month and day you’re on, and you’re set to make your to-do list for the day! Once i get a few more of these made, I’m thinking of creating an Etsy store to sell them. Thinking of calling it ‘aimee liz | creations’.

Another little kick I’m on is iPhone case design. I recently dropped my phone and the phone’s fine, but the case didn’t fare so well. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one, and finally decided to just design my own. I’ve created a few more just for fun, which can be ordered if you want, but I also would love to start doing custom designs for people! Anything you want, I’m down to try to make it happen. Email me at for pricing information or with other questions.

Denise, the “d” one is aimed for you, if you couldn’t tell. This means you need to get an iPhone.