May 28, 2011

Cooking Dinner

I am taking a location portraiture class right now at CDIA, and we had an open assignment to set up our own shoot at any location and just make a great picture. Well, turns out it’s incredibly hard to think of ideas when there’s nothing to start from! I ended up contacting my aunt Lynne, who is an amazing cook, and we set up a time to do a shoot of her cooking dinner. Despite all my obnoxious photographer requests, the meal turned out not only edible, but delicious! For the class I needed just one environmental portrait, but I also took a few other shots of the some of the food because it was so nice-looking. I’m pretty excited about how everything came out. Enjoy!

Andddd the finished product! Make sure you click on it to view the bigger version!


I also have another shoot I did of the beautiful Caitlin, who was featured in my post Portraits, at the beach a little while ago that’s still on the list to be edited, so stay tuned for that!